Synchrotron Based High Pressure Techniques: Status and Future Perspectives
The integration of high-pressure technology with synchrotron X-ray techniques has played a critical role in advancing high-pressure science. A wide range of physical and chemical properties of materials, including phase transformations, phonon and lattice dynamics, electronic and magnetic transitions, and plastic deformation, under extreme conditions up to mega bars of pressure and from 4 to several-thousand Kelvins of temperature can now be explored using synchrotron diffraction, spectroscopy and imaging techniques. With the recent development of synchrotron based high-pressure techniques and the newly established and upgrade programs underway in synchrotron facilities around the world, we are entering a new era of high-pressure research with experimental capabilities of increasingly enhanced spatial and temporal resolutions in both static and dynamic high pressure domains. This session will provide a forum for highlighting the state-of-the-art in high-pressure synchrotron techniques, discussing the new opportunities of enabling capabilities, and looking forward to the expanded scope of high-pressure research in future synchrotron facilities.
  Yue Meng, HPCAT Carnegie Institution of Washington USA (ymeng@ciw.edu)
Sakura Pascarelli, ESRF France (sakura@esrf.fr)

Peter Liermann (Petra III, DESY, Germany); Yijin Liu (SSRL, SLAC, USA); Takashi Yoshino (Okayama University, Japan); G.Y. Shen; W.G. Yang

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Aug. 19th (Sat) to 24th (Thu), 2017
(Aug. 19 to 23, 2017: Scientific Program)

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