Porous Materials at High Pressures
Micro- and nano-porous materials such as zeolites, Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and other hybrid organic-inorganic systems are important applied materials with many applications such as green gas storage and catalysis. Studies suggest that the effective pore size and topology of the framework of these materials that plays a critical role in their properties and functionality can be tuned by a number of factors such as external pressure. Investigations of high-pressure behaviors of these materials, especially the emerging MOF materials have received substantial attention recently. In particular, pressure-induced structural changes and reactions, guest-insertion, adsorption and desorption, destabilization and transformation of guest molecules in the pores and cavities of porous materials, provided a novel platform in the understanding of the structure-property relationship and especially the promising applications of these porous materials. The goals of this symposium are to bring together experimentalists and theoreticians to exchange new ideas in this unique field using the state-of-the-art methodologies, including spectroscopy, x-ray diffraction as well as ab initio simulations that allow the in-depth understanding of the pressure-driven phenomena of porous materials.
Yang Song, Western University, Canada (yang.song@uwo.ca)

Yongjae Lee (Yongsei University, South Korea), Yining Huang (Western University, Canada)

Important Dates
Aug. 19th (Sat) to 24th (Thu), 2017
(Aug. 19 to 23, 2017: Scientific Program)

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Jan. 30th, 2017

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Apr. 30th, 2017

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May 30th, 2017

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Aug. 23rd, 2017