Novel Structure and Properties of Hydrogen-dominated Materials at High Pressures
Hydrogen-dominated materials can be metallized at much lower pressures due to "chemical pre-compression". Because these materials are dominated by hydrogen elements, high temperature superconductivity can be found after metallization. Therefore, they are expected to become a new member of superconductor family: hydrogen-based superconductor. Very recently, the discovery of superconductivity at 203 K (-70o) in a sulfur hydride compound at high pressure creates a new superconducting record. Besides, hydrogen-dominated materials also hold promise as hydrogen storage materials in the future.
In this session, we devote to review and exchange ideas on the latest research progress in hydrogen-dominated materials including, but not limited to, the design/synthesis of new hydrogen-dominated materials, novel structures with outstanding properties, high temperature superconductivity and hydrogen storage.
Tian Cui, Jilin University (cuitian@jlu.edu.cn)

Defang Duan (duandf@jlu.edu.cn) and Xiaoli Huang (huangxiaoli@jlu.edu.cn)

Important Dates
Aug. 19th (Sat) to 24th (Thu), 2017
(Aug. 19 to 23, 2017: Scientific Program)

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Jan. 30th, 2017

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